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User Guide & 'how to'

You can download our SCORE-15 App User Guide presentation here. A full User Guide document is available SCORE-15 App User Guide.

Here is a short video on 'How to Get Started' with the SCORE app:

Here is another, about why we created the SCORE app:

What the app is and who it is for

  • The SCORE-15 app has been designed for therapists.
  • It enables them to get families completing SCORE more easily, and to use SCORE data as part of the therapy process – by presenting the results visually for the family and therapist to look at together within the session.
  • The therapist sends a link or shows a QR code to the client family members, prior to the session. This allows each family member to fill in their SCORE questionnaire on their own mobile device or laptop.
  • The therapist’s app has a Results Dashboard which shows all results in an accessible way including through charts and graphs, and can also show change over time.
  • The app is available for all therapists to use free of charge.

Operating requirements

  • Therapists should use a tablet or laptop to share SCORE results with clients so that they can be seen by everybody in the session.

Browsers: If using a Mac only Safari will work. Otherwise Chrome, Edge and Safari all work. Please note that Firefox and Internet Explorer won’t work.

  • Client families should fill in SCORE on their own mobile devices or even on laptops. Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari work well. Internet Explorer won’t work.

Getting started

Data protection

The way we collect and process personal data is in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant legislation. For more information please read our Privacy Notice, available here.

Data security

The app has been designed to be compliant with GDPR legislation. We have consulted with City law firm Orrick on a pro bono basis to understand our obligations.  As part of GDPR, all data needs to be held within the UK. The app and the data is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centres in the UK (note that many NHS Trusts also use Microsoft Azure to host their applications, and patient data).  We deliberately do not ask for surnames, dates of birth or addresses of any clients to ensure it would be very hard to match the SCORE-15 results to an individual.  For further information on how we keep data secure, please write to