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User Guidance

Is the app free?

Yes, it's free and is supported by the Family Therapy and Systemic Research Centre.

Who should register with the app?

Only therapists register to use the app.

What device should I use for the app?

Therapists should use a tablet or laptop to look at the results with the family in person, or share their screen in online therapy. The results cannot be viewed on a mobile phone.

How do family members access the SCORE questionnaires?

The therapist sends a unique link for each family member via email. Family members click on their link to fill in SCORE on their own electronic device (laptop, mobile, tablet).

I’m having problems… who can I contact?

Please email us at

Operating Requirements

Which browsers can I use?

If using a Mac only Safari will work. Otherwise Chrome, Edge and Safari all work. Chrome works best. Please note that Firefox and Internet Explorer won’t work.

What software do I need for the app to work correctly on my device?

Android: Android version 5 or higher

iOS (Apple): iOS system in version 11 or higher. The app should also work with tablets iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 10.5, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad (2017), iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 and higher.

Therapist Registration

What if I haven’t received the email to confirm registration?

Firstly please check your 'Junk' and 'Promotions' folders in your inbox, it could be in spam.

If not, it is likely that your institution has blocked the email. Please ask your IT team to allow-list our email address: You can ask us to send a test email from our email account to check if you’re receiving these.

Therapist Log-in

What if I keep getting the “Oops, something went wrong" messages when I try to log in?

Please check all the possible explanations in the message.

Your device’s browser security settings could be blocking access to the SCORE app website. Some institutions’ security systems use a proxy server to protect against cyber attacks, but this can also block access to our website.

Please let your IT Team know you plan to use our app and ask them to add our domain ( to their browser ‘Trusted Sites’ list, and also the ‘Proxy Exceptions List’. (One IT team told us they had to “add an entry in the PAC file to tell the site to go direct – and not come internal on our network and out, via the proxy”.)

Your IT team are welcome to contact us at

Sending the Questionnaire to Families

How do I send the questionnaire to family members?

You can send links via email. Use the ‘Share links’ button at the bottom of the ‘Questionnaire’ page of the open SCORE session. You can copy-paste these into an email.

How do family members access the questionnaire if they are at my place of work?

Family members can scan their individual QR codes from your laptop, tablet or a printout. You can access the QR codes on the ‘Questionnaire’ page of the open SCORE session.

How do the questionnaires get back to the therapist?

When someone completes their questionnaire it is sent automatically to the therapist’s dashboard. This shows as greyed-out on the dashboard (as for the first family member here).

SCORE completed (greyed-out) and SCORE Complete button.gif

How can I see the results?

The therapist needs to click the green ‘SCORE Complete’ button when all family members who are going to, have completed their questionnaires. Then the results can be accessed via the Dashboard ‘Results’ button.

Dashboard: Families

Can I delete a family, or family member?

Once you have created a family member you can only edit their details, but you cannot change their name, nor delete them by yourself. It is possible not to include them in future SCORE sessions, when you select who will be participating.

If you need to delete a whole family, email us at with the family code (eg. 24.11.2021-ROK), and we will delete it from the server.

Can I change the date of a SCORE session after I have created it?

The date for the SCORE session is automatically set as the day on which you create the session. You can edit the date of an ‘open’ session (families are still completing their questionnaires) by clicking ‘Back to SCORE’ and then ‘Edit’, click on the SCORE date itself or the calendar icon and select your new date. Once you have closed the session, you will not be able to change the date again.

Dashboard: Results and Data Analysis

How can I have a record of the results?

Click ‘Export data to PDF’ while viewing results of any SCORE session; you can name and save this record on your own device. Then upload it to your patient care notes if needed.

Can data be stored for the whole organisation to allow analysis?

This is not possible through the app. PDF results would need to be stored together by you or your workplace, to allow your own analysis across multiple families/therapists/groups within your organisation.